Please follow the steps given below to install the Tamil Fonts in your computer.

Step 1.    Download the file BARANI.TTF to your computer.
Download the file Avvaiyar.TTF to your computer.

Step 2.    Locate and open the Fonts folder in your computer. In many computers running Windows 9x/XP, it is located in C:\Windows\Fonts. If you are running Windows NT, then the folder might be C:\WinNT\Fonts.

Step 3.    In Windows Explorer, while viewing the Fonts Directory, choose <File> <Install New Font> from the menu bar.

Step 4.    Choose the drive and folder in which you have downloaded the font file BARANI.TTF & AVVAIYAR.ttf. Then click on the <Install> button.

Step 5.    After the font is installed, press F5 or choose <View> <Refresh> from the menu bar in the Explorer window.

Step 6.    If needed, close and restart Internet Explorer or whichever Web Browser you are using to view

In case you face any difficulty, please feel free to contact the by email.