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Magazine that changed the mind!

I had no child for 5 years after marriage; several times I underwent medical tests.The doctors opined that the cleaning of the uterus(curettage) only would solve the difficulty. At that juncture, a sister gave me a 'Jesus Calls' magazine and encouraged me to read it. When I went through it, each message and every testimony in it pierced through me like a spear. I was prompted to ask myself, "Why can'tput my faith in Him?" I began to have faith that if I trusted in the Lord, He would certainly grant me a child. In May 1996 I wrote a letter regarding my situation, Bro.Dhinakaran. He prayed for me and assured me in his reply;'Be not dismayed; our god is truthful; He will definetely give you a child as a blessing.' God who heeded his prayer, touched my womb and gave me, a beautiful boy baby. Glory to God.

- Mrs.Esther James, Kerala


A String Of Miracles

Though married for five years,my daughter didn't have a child. Medications proved futile. Meanwhile I happened to read a testimony bringing out a similar kind of distressful situation published in the "Jesus Calls" monthly magazine. Making a vow that I would send my witness to the "Jesus Calls' magazine along with a photograph, I wrote to Brother D.G.S.Dhinakaran about my daughter's situation. He sent us a consoling reply combined with a promise of God. We felt immensely happy. Through the intercessory prayer of Brother Dhinakaran, the Lord blessed the fruit of her womb by granting her a beautiful girl baby through a safe delivery.

- Mrs.Jayaseeli Mary, Chennai


Tears Wiped Away!

I had no child for many years after marriage. I had to face redicule from many people. All poured scorn on me by saying that I would never have a child. With tears I came to the Prayer Tower at Chennai. The Prayer warrior at the Counselling Centre prayed ardently for me and consoled me with kind words. God heeded the prayer, and gave me a beautiful girl child. I am extremely happy now.

- Mrs.D.Suganthi, Tiruchi


Healed By Jesus

I had been depressed by the distressful doubt as to whether I was liberated from my sinful life or not. Along with this, I was suffering, which made me incapable of bending down or up. I was praying for relief. During prayer time, Brother Dhinakaran pointing to the left hand side of the crowd , where I sat, called out: "Dear sister.Priyadarshini, the power of Jesus is touching your body. I see the Lord curing your back-pain." I was aghast.I was feeling the healing power of the Lord within me. I have been completely cured of my back-pain now. As the Lord called me by name, I am fully confident that I have been positively liberated from my sin.

- Ms.Priyadarshini, Chennai


Faithful Servant Of God

Bro.D.G.S.Dhinakaran's prophecy for me was "you will marry a blessed wife and also you will finish MBA sucessfully." Some months gone, And we faithfully prayed and God opened the door and I got the double blessings. I got married to a born again christian girl and God helped me to complete MBA successfully. So with this prophecy all my friends and families came to know that Jesus of Nazareth has clerly spoken through our beloved uncle Dhinakaran.

- Mr.P.Mohan Raj Mathuram, Thanjavur


Astounding Mircle!

I watch "Prarthanai Naeram" over the TV without fail. It is very good. Your book , "The Voice Of My Cry" is excellent. Last year, the doctorsaid my younger son Navin had more salt content than the required level in his urine. ThenI read 'The Voice Of My Cry' and wept and prayed. Next day when the doctor tested him, he was surprised that the urine was normal. Glory be to God. Praise God who has inspired you to write such books and is granting salvation and healing to many.

- Ms.Latha Marimuthu, Perambalur


The Boy Child Given By The Lord!

Having lost a child, I was very depressed and came to the Women's Conference with great agony of mind. Your sermon was on "Your Sorrow Shall Be Turned To Joy" and it was of great confort to me. During prayer time, I took a vow that if the Lord answered my prayers like He did Hannah's , I would write my testimony . Accordingly, the Lord blessed me with a boy child like Samuel. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers.

- Ms.Grace William, Chennai


Receive Comfort!

'Jesus Calls' and 'Priceless Pearl' magazines are of great comfort and benefit to me.

- Ms.S.Soungandhika, Matale


Read Without Fail!

I read your 'Priceless Pearl' magzine without fail. It is of great use to me both in my spirtual as well as worldly life.

- Ms.N.Beulah Raja, Tirunelveli


Hope dawned!

Due to my family problem, with depression of mind, I was sitting without any desire ot work. It was then that the the postman delivered the 'Priceless Pearl' magazine. When I saw the cover page, the verse on it' "A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation."(Psalms. 68:5) comforted me greatly. As I read 'Priceless Pearl' magazine it gives me great desire to love the Lord more and a hope that He will change my life and bless the family.

- Ms.Shashikala, Bangalore


Returned Home In Peace!

The Lord granted me grace to participate in the 'Jesus Calls' Women's Conference and receive His blessings. I was suffering from high fever and pain in the leg. In spite of that I had a great desire to participate in the Women's Conference. Though I tried to attend the meeting from the beginning, but I was not able to. In the afternoon with great effort, I took an auto and reached the campus where you were delivering the message for women. The message was of great comfort to me. I came with pain in my leg but when returning I had neither fever nor pain. I went home with great peace.

- Ms.Serena Jesudass, Chennai


Showed His Compassion and Cured

I was a confirmed begger. Wearing shorts and a singlet. I wandered as a vagabaond in my state of Maharashtra. In the grip of the devil, I was myself unaware of what antics I indulged in. The devil caused sores in my legs, and raw boils all over my body. One gentleman told me about Brother D.G.S. Dhinakaran, when he saw me scratching my itching body pathetically, in a town in Nagor District. I happened to read 'Jesus Calls' magazine also. With a convition to visit Chennai, I mustered up enough money for 2 years. I ultimatlely reached Madras. I gave a crooked appearance with a doubled back. I could not look straight at any one! Could not breathe properly! At Chennai, I heard about the "Jesus Calls ' Women's Conference, held on 8th July. I went straight there. Sister Stella Dhinakaran was speaking out God's words. Though I do not know Tamil, I felt God's presence immesely. During the prayer time, a miraculous change came over my body! My bent back straightened up,easing up my breathing. I am now able to turn right or left,which I could not do earlier. Lord Jesus has healed me wonderfully! This is an unforgettable stupendous miracle that has happened in my life. I am now extremely happy! Hallelujah!

- Mr.Vilas Sankar Sharath, Maharashtra


Blessed With A Child

I am a 'Jesus Calls' partner. My brother was married in 1995. He became very unhappy as he had no child for more than two years. I wrote to Brother Dhinakran requesting him to pray for my brother. He replied me immediately saying that God would definetely grant a child to my brother. Miraculously, on 24th September 1998, god blessed my brother with a beautiful male child. Now my brother's family is very hahppy

- Mr.N.C.John, Kerala


Child-gift by prayer at Bethesda Prayer Centre

I was not blessed with a child, though I was married, three years go. We were dismayed by the embarassing question of other people: "No child for three years!' We went through the path of agony! We approached doctors. Trying for a medical solution! They gave up after doing many tests. Totally disappointed, we came to know about the 'Bethesda Prayer Centre'; I took my wife, mother and brother there. The prayer warrior there prayed earnestly for us and comforted us, saying ,'God wil do a miracle for you!" Then we visited Prayer Tower Chennai also, and a prayer warrior prayed for us. The Lord, in answer to all prayers, granted us a beautiful male- child .Our agony is gone! All glory, laud and honour to the Lord who blessed us with a child!

- Mr.S.Johnson, Mumbai


Received Peace

There was no peace in my family! Family members were at loggerheads with each other.squabbling among themselves. The burden of the family was pressing me. At that time only I came to know of this Family Blessing Meeting and came here with the hope that my family will regain happiness and peace. When Sister Stella Dhinakaran prayed, God filled my heart with joy. He spoke within me "I will unite your family and give peace to the family" I am relived of my burden.

- Mrs.Kamalamma, Nellore


Miraculous Escape From Danger

My husband as usual, was riding on his motor bike to his office. In his great hurry to reach the office on time, he met a mishap when his bike slipped; he fell down and was fatally injured. Hit on the head, he was admitted into the ICU; he was in a dangerous condition. With great agony we called up the Prayer Tower and requested the prayer warrior to pray for his retrieval from the critical condition. The prayer warrior after prayng lovingly consoled us saying, "God will make him alright; don't be dismayed'. The Lord who heeded the prayer gve my husband a wonderful cure!

- Mrs.Elizabeth Sylvia, Chennai


Blessed with children!

We have received a lot of blessings through the 'Jesus Calls' ministries. I would like to mention one such blessing here. After three of our married life after three abortions now we have 2 sons by the prayer of uncle D.G.S.Dhinakaran and Dr.Paul Dhinakaran.

- Mrs & MrJ.Prabhu, Chennai


Wonderful Miracle

When I took my pregnant wife for a medical check-up, doctors said that the child was quite large-sized and only a surgery would help during confinement. After scanning, the doctor told us that the baby could be expected within 15 days. My wife was very much perturbed! She was weeping, the whole night! Though I consoled her, there came an inward fear in me , I rushed to the telephone, contacted the Prayer Tower and to the telephone, contacted the Prayer Tower and requested prayers for my wife. The prayer warrior prayed intently for her encouragingly said, "Your wife will have a wholesome confinement". The doctors began the preparations for surgery. A boy baby had been born quite normally, without any surgery. I leaped with joy,while doctors and other were lost in mystifying wonderment! Thanks to the Lord, the great Miracle- Maker!

- Mr.Ramesh Manicka Rao, Karnataka


GodAccomplished Marriage!

I was islolated from the society as I was deaf and dump. None acknowledged me. Moreover nobody came forward to marry me because of these handicaps. I shed tears everyday, wondering if my pathetic condition would ever change. At this juncture, I wrote to Sister Stella Dhinkaran, with a vow that I would send an offering of Rs.500/- to "Jesus Calls' if my marriage is ever fixed. She prayed with a great burden and sent a reply; the very day I got her reply,God made a settlement for my marriage. He arranged for me a good husband and blessed me. Glory to God alone!

- Ms.Rajakumari Rajan, Chennai


Child Redeemed

When I conceived, the whole family rejoiced! But .. Joy was constricted! Suddenly profuse bleeding overtook me. An abrubt fear that it might result in an abortion gripped my family members, immediately I wrote to Brother Dhinakaran requesting him to pray for me. He earnestly prayed for me and sent a comforting reply, which boosted my faith. The blood -flow stopped. But at the time of confinement, a problem emerged and I was near death's door. But I was redeemed by Uncle Dhinakaran's prayers. Without an risk, I was given a girl child by God!

- Mrs.Sunitha Babu, Orissa


Family Reunion

I lived separated from my children for the past six years .I had no peace of mind, at this point of time I attended the 'Jesus Calls' prayer meeting seeking peace. During the prayer time, Bro.Paul Dhinakaran had prayed for broken families and I too confessed my sins to the Lord; seeking His forgiveness. A divine peace had filled me. After I prayed I found my wife and child in that crowd. They too had come to the meeting. Then and there I compromised with them .I praise the Lord, who has united us and rebuilt my broken family.

- Mr.Moses Perinbamuthu, Velacheri


Worship the Lord - Together

I was pained because my husband was away from the Lord. I always desired to worship the Lord as a family. Once I happened to attend a 'Jesus Calls' prayer meeting I was praying in tears. After the prayers I had a peace in my heart and the Lord Jesus filled me with the Holy Spirit. Since then there has been a great change in my family and we are very happy worshiping Him together.

- Ms.Mercy, Chekadu


Safe Confinement

Just a week before my confinement, I was asked to take a scan just to see the position of the baby. After the scan was taken the doctor told that the baby is small and the fluid is less. So I was asked to get admitted in another hospital to undergo a caesarian. Since I had a normal delivery for my first baby we trusted our Heavenly Father and did not give up hope. We prayed for a normal delivery and also contacted the 'Prayer Tower' for prayers, I was admitted and another scan was taken, with great faith we asked the doctor to try for a normal delivery. The very next day without any difficulty I gave birth to a boy child. Glory to God! We thank the prayer warrior and Heavenly Father for His mighty works.

- Mrs.Roweha Masiho, Chennai


Miraculous Escape

Our Lord Jesus saved our life miraculously. One evening it was raining heavily with thundershowers. My wife and myself were travelling by a two-wheeler TVS Moped. Due to heavy rain we stopped the vehicle and stood under a tree. There were 4 electricity cable wires of which heavy voltage current passes by. One fell on my wife's head and shoulder, she just threw that wire on the ground and she ran away. In the mean time on seeing the incident I started my vehicle and stood in the middle of the road, the same wire fell on my body, I was thrown from the vehicle and rolled three times. Even though we both were drenched, still the Lord saved both of us. We thank the Lord from the bottom of our hearts. How wonderfully he has lifted us from the clutch of death. All glory be to God!

- Mrs.Poongodi Mohan Kumar, Chennai


Shattered Life Set Right

I quit my home 15 years ago! I have no one to care for me with love. All pounded me! My life was wildly spinning without hope I became cynical, hated and was irritated with everyone. During prayer session in a meeting, I prayed, "Lord, pluck away my bad temper. I dedicate myself to You!.Where can I go if You, too, forsake me? Please help me!" at that time Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called my name and prophesied that "God is giving me a new Spirit today! The Spirit of love, Spirit of humility He is re-building your life." This was an exact analysis of my life. By correctly revealing it, the Lord wiped away my tears, poured into me peace and joy, gave me a hope of good future! I commit to live for His glory from today.

- Ms.Sheela Daniel, Bangalore


Despair Dispelled!

After my marriage I was anxiously awaiting a child; but years rolled by with no child at sight. Grief-stricken, I spent my days with tears. Doctors examined me and said: "There is a tumour in your womb and there is no chance of you conceiving. Even if you conceive there is no chance for you to have a baby". We were shocked to hear this. Many other doctors too were of the same opinion. In this desperate situation, I left for Duba. Before leaving India, I contacted the 'Prayer Tower' and requested the Prayer Warrior to pray for me. They earnestly prayed for me and said, "God will definitely give you a child; be not dismayed." 15 days after I reached Dubai, a great miracle happened. I conceived and God gave me a beautiful girl-child. In shear desperation, I contacted the Prayer Tower and I received a miracle. Praise be to God.

- Ms.Pushpa Rajan, Bangalore


Showers of Blessings

My children are Young Partners. As a whole family we are following the Lord. For my children's marriage I contacted Bethesda Prayer Centre and requested to pray; the Lord graciously did a miracle by performing the marriages.

The Lord was very gracious in saving our family when some miscreants planted a bomb in our Apartment where we are staying, but the Lord prevented the explosion. We praise and thank the Lord God for all the miracles He had done in my life. Also I sincerely thank Bro. Dhinakaran and his family for their precious prayers.

- Mrs.Manickam Mahalingam.,

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